Smiles Acknowledged

Mr. Ashok Mehta

Head Master, Yoga Way Public School – Shadara (Delhi).


Greetings from Yoga Way Public School. I have been told about your compassion and the deeds you are involved in through your NGO Smiley Faction. It gives me great pleasure in associating with your group. I see you are doing a great job in trying to pour in the help to the most important and essential sector of our country and thus adding value to the service you are rendering. I extend my gratitude towards your initiative of coming forth and supporting the kids of my school who are financially needy. Thanks a lot for doing so, you are really helping us to make our school a better place to read and experience. 

Mr. A. Kathirvel

Head Master, Govt. High School – Periyapuliyur (TN).

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your kind contribution towards our students Uniform and also for the Xerox machine which cater our important need. Your kind hearted, timely contribution will be remembered by us forever.

Mr. Raghav Gajula

BITS Pilani Alumnus, Teach For India member & Faculty, Yoga Way Public School.

Greetings from Teach for India and Yoga Way Public School. It has been 4 months since Smiley Faction has initiated a sense of support to the kids at Yoga Way Public School. Never I felt so much encouraged in my fellowship and the onus was on me to work for my kids and put my entire effort in the development of my kids. I felt proud rather than being glad in associating with Smiley Faction since this was being done by seniors from campus. And thus the bond started, a formal mail from Smiley Faction mentioning the monthly donation and seed fund for the initiation of library was sent. There were no limits to the happiness of the kids when they first witnessed the series of books that made their entry to the class. I wish your support would continue to inspire me, my kids and lead to a transformation. Thanks a lot for the help and this is from all of my kids and from my self.


Panchayt Union Middle School, Molagoundan palayam, Erode.

The uniforms were distributed to our school children today(12/02/2013). The students were happy to receive it and they all thanked your contribution. Forty students were present today and dresses were given to them all. For the absentees, the dresses will be given when they come back to school. I also thank you for your service rendered and best wishes for your continual service.