Education for all children

Who We Are

Smiley Faction is a non profitable trust formed by a group of like-minded people united by the cause of basic education for all students. The trust was formed in Oct 2010 and formally registered with the Government of Tamil Nadu in May 2013 (Registration Document Number: 154 of 2013, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

What We Do

We identify individual students who are facing financial constraints in continuing their education and help them out by providing a significant share of their academic expenses. 

Click here to download our Mid-Year report for 2016 which gives a brief overview on our working model, beneficiaries, fund details, project activities etc.


Click here to download our Beneficiary Application Form 


2020-21 Academic Year Fundings

Due to the covid situation, the reopening of schools was delayed this year. We are beginning to get requests for assisting with school fees. 

Chennai Floods Help

We received multiple requests from the flood affected regions of Chennai (RA Puram, Athipattu & Choolaimedu) where many children lost their school bag...

SMILE WITH SCHOOLS - Lab facility in a Govt School

Smileyfaction helped in constructing a science lab for class 9 & 10 students in a low income Govt high school in Erode, TN. The students were using pl...

SMILE WITH SCHOOLS - Govt. School near Erode.

We funded a water dispenser system in a Govt school near Erode. This rural side elementary school had 25-30 students studying. Their existing dispensa...


We are beginning a partnership with Aarohan Initiative ( with which we will be funding the stationary needs of the kids enro...

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