Smiley Faction is a group of like-minded people united by the cause of basic education for all students. It's an effort to contribute towards the education of children who find it difficult to pursue their dream because of financial constraints. From the daughter of our housemaid to the son of our driver or the kids from our neighborhood school struggling to get uniforms or textbooks, there are lots of children who need help. Most often they are right in front of us and it is beyond our reach to fully support a child's education by our individual selves. We end up contributing to NGO's hoping that the money would somehow reach some deserving child.

Our intention is to come together as a group, save up some money periodically, so that we will be ready to directly contribute to a child from our life who need's help to continue his/her education. We have tried this for more than 4 years now and the satisfaction it has given us has been immense.

As we started identifying more students, we invited few other close friends of ours to join us in this good cause and developed a process for approving beneficiaries.

Currently, we have 20+ members in the group spread across different locations with varied professional backgrounds.

Our procedures are transparent. Our impact is immediately visible as our beneficiaries are people directly involved in our lives. This has kindled the interest of many who would like to join us.


Our primary working model is identifying individual students who are in need of financial assistance for pursuing their studies. We rely on our strong network to make this work. Our members directly identify eligible candidates and verify their genuineness. 

Our secondary working model is to associate with schools and introduce scholarship programs to the selected students who are struggling to manage their academic expenses.

Along with scholarship programs, We are also working on funding
the basic infrastructural needs of schools especially in non-urban/rural regions. We aim for the betterment of the studying environment for the students in those regions by providing simple needs such as uniforms, stationary items, water dispensers, printing & scanning machines. We are also partnering with another NGO (Aarohan) and providing them financial assistance in sustaining the daily needs for the kids benefetting from their learning centre.  

The uniqueness about Smiley faction is that once you join us, you can

  • Pick the child you know

  • Participate in the process of funding the child

  • Get to know to whom the money you donate goes

  • Have a first hand experience of the impact of your actions on a child's   education